Peggotty Christensen

"All of my garments and scarves begin as solid white natural fiber fabric. Every piece is treated like a blank canvas on which my ideas and inspirations are portrayed by hand painting. This assures that every piece is truly one of a kind and created by my own hand. Painting on fabric has allowed me to transform the natural images and colors that I see around me into functional pieces of art. "

The creation of art is a driving force in Peggotty's life. For most of her life she has been fascinated and beguiled by clothing—the way it can change how a person is seen and also the way it can change a person's perception of themselves. One of the most exciting aspects of her art is seeing what her garments do when people put them on.

The garments and scarves Peggotty creates are constructed from silk and natural fiber fabrics that is hand painted with fiber reactive dyes, using various techniques and brushes. The dye is set in a steamer, the fabric is then washed and ironed, cut and sewn by Peggotty. Each piece is one of a kind.

Peggotty worked as a metalsmith for 20 years after getting a degree in Art Education. The shift from jewelry to textiles began in 1986. She is self taught, learning everything from dye catalogs and suppliers and attending workshops at the Surface Design Conferences. Her work has evolved over the last 34 years as she continues to experiment and paint.

Beige and Gray Relaxed Jacket
Silk & Rayon Jacket, O/S (4-16)

$ 398
Lime Flutter Jacket
Silk Jacket, S/M (4-12)

$ 480
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
American Craft Council Show Baltimore, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Md USA, 1999-2010
American Craft Council Show San Francisco, Ft. Mason, San Francisco, CA USA, 2007-2016
Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA USA, 1996 2002-2003
Cherry Creek Art Festival, Denver , Denver, CO USA, 1992-1993 2001-2002 2011
Lakefront Festival of the Arts, Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI USA, 2011-2014
Kwangju Biennale International Art to Wear, South Korea, South Korea , 1997
10th China (Humen) International Fashion Fair (Fashion Show), Humen, Humen, China, November 2005