Peter Loh

Peter Loh Studio Furniture

"My aim is to create contemporary design that stimulates the body and excites the mind."

Imagine the delicate shape of a spider's legs holding its body aloft. Picture yourself hiking through a forest, the scent of trees permeating the air. Peter Loh is inspired by the details and shapes of the natural world. Transforming his experiences into useful objects takes Loh on an intimate journey that addresses and transcends issues of form and function.
Loh begins each piece with a personal vision: tall grass in the English countryside swaying in the wind, or clutches of ladybug eggs clinging to the underside of a leaf. As he works to realize each vision and create functional expressive design, Loh utilizes a variety of techniques and materials. From traditional mortise and tenon joinery to lathe-turned Douglas fir to steam bent birch, Loh's intent is to create eye-catching forms with dynamic shapes and subtle details. The creative process is what truly excites Loh. The fruit of his labor is furniture that is attractive, possesses character, and is a joy to use.
Wood Wall Sculpture

by Peter Loh
$ 9,600
$ 8,160
Wood & Metal Side Table

by Peter Loh
$ 3,350
$ 2,847.50
Wood Console Table

by Peter Loh
$ 7,050
$ 5,992.50
Wood Coat Rack

by Peter Loh
$ 350
$ 297.50