Priscilla Cypiot

"Furniture making is a challenging blend of art, craft, utility and design. For me, a successful piece of furniture should balance all of these well."

Craftsmanship is the bedrock of Priscilla Cypiot’s work. She relies on it in order to achieve the functionality and design that she wants for each piece. She seeks to integrate her artistic goals into her design and concepts.

Cypiot’s tables express her sensibilities towards color, texture, pattern and balance. She works with different woods including maple, peroba rosa, wenge, and mahogany. The colors and textures of the woods are complemented by decorative trims and accents of sand cast aluminum.

"I try to invite the emotional involvement of anyone using my furniture. I believe in the power of detail to convey larger thoughts and emotions."

Trellis Ottoman
Wood Upholstered Ottoman

by Priscilla Cypiot
$ 1,175
$ 998.75