Public Glass

"The PG Originals line by Public Glass are designed with material and functionality as the focus. We believe that glasswares should be simple, striking, and supremely useful, and that handcrafted objects made by real people are worth investing in."

From concept to creation, our wares are considered through the lens of aesthetics and use. By merging design elements with foundations rooted in both nature and industry our handmade glass is able to traverse these realms with the fluidity inherent to the material. We hope that those who choose our designs derive years of satisfaction from looking at and utilizing our glassware every day.

PG Originals is a line of handmade glasswares designed exclusively for Public Glass by DH McNabb and crafted in our San Francisco studios by a small team of talented Bay Area artists. Working primarily in pairs, our glassblowers execute each part of the process with care and precision, infusing their talents into every object we make.

Our team of skilled artists brings decades of experience with the traditional processes of glassmaking to the creation of each object in our line. Designer and Lead Gaffer DH McNabb has traversed the world in pursuit of glass for over 20 years. DH brings this breadth of material knowledge, along with a BA from Centre College and an MFA from RISD, to his position at Public Glass.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Residency Exhibition, Saint-Louis Cristallerie, Saint-Louis les Bitche, France, 2016
Funn, Residency Exhibition, 12 Gallery, Bergen, Norway, 2016
Collection, Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY, 2015
Collection, Fondation D'Enterprise Hermes, Paris, France, 2016