Radi Brothers Jewelry

"Our handmade fine jewelry is shaped with a unique filigree technique in an entirely modern way. We run a creative studio where hundreds of tiny pieces are brought together into spectacular objects—all combined with a lot of patience, skill, and play."

For The Radi Brothers, combining different metals represents the best way to express their artistic spirit. Their creativity is especially emphasized with the ancient filigree technique, which has been pulled into the modern present. For them, using filigree feels like painting with metals—they treat their studio like a big canvas where they construct all possible shapes and designs.

Their process includes pulling the wire until it gets incredibly thin, then twisting it, flattening it, cutting it into different lengths, bending it, and putting hundreds of tiny pieces next to one another like the finest puzzle of precious metals. Exotic patterns and ideas are rendered in a combination of gold and oxidized silver with precious and semiprecious stones.

Zef and Viktor Radi have a wealth of experience in making jewelry. They were lucky to grow up in a family of jewelers. Their first contact with this beautiful trade was during their adolescence in their father's studio. They used to sneak into the studio and listen to their father sing while he was making extraordinary handmade jewelry. From that point on, making jewelry became their true passion.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
January Spotlight, New York, Aaron Faber Gallery, 2015