Reid Anderson

Reid Eric Anderson

"Every piece is built to last a hundred years and beyond. Furniture should be something for your grandchildren to grow old with--a mix of good design and integrity in its construction."

Reid Anderson is Wisconsin raised and Massachusetts trained. His work is a mix of classical wood furniture and modern influences and interpretations. He always focuses on functionality, beauty, and the interaction between person and piece.

Anderson is always striving to find the beauty in the wood and manipulate it to its most beautiful form. All of his work is sketched, drawn, and tweaked for weeks before he even buys any material. He feels that each piece is a part of him, and so he gives each one his utmost attention and care.

Anderson received his bachelors degree from the University of Wisconsin with a focus in art and furniture design. He worked with Richard Judd in Paoli, Wisconsin before attending North Bennet Street School for Cabinet and Furniture making. He then worked with Thomas Stangeland in Seattle, Washington.

Hall Table
Wood Console Table

$ 2,900
Torus Table
Wood Coffee Table

$ 4,600
Modern Night Stand
Wood Side Table

$ 1,700
Scotch Box
Wood Cabinet

$ 1,950
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
33rd Annual Box and Container Show, Seattle, WA, Northwest Woodworkers' Gallery, 2012
5th Annual Rising Star Furniture Makers, Seattle, WA, Northwest Woodworkers' Gallery, 2013
2013 Rising Star Honoree, Seattle, WA, NorthWest Woodworkers' Gallery, 2013