Renee Roeder-Earley

"Felt is my palette."

Renee Roeder-Earley began creating felt flowers as an embellishment to her handmade hats. She soon discovered that the pins were wearable works of art on their own. The more flowers the artist made, the more fun she had playing with all of the beautiful wool colors. Her love of color compelled her to find every possible combination of color—and she is still working at it seventeen years later.

Roeder-Earley began as a painter, studying in New York City, and always enjoyed working with fiber. Eventually fiber art became her main focus. The artist continues to see as a painter and uses her painter sensibilities to create her small, wearable works of art.

The highlight of the artist's career was when she received a thank you letter from the White House, for a pin for Michelle Obama.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Holiday Art Fair, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Madison WI, 2012
Smithsonian Craft Show, Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC, 2013
ACE American Craft Exposition, Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill, 2012