Rick Melby

"I find inspiration in odd places. Often just finding an interesting object will push me into a whole new direction."

Rick Melby's influences span most major design movements of the last century--Bauhaus, Memphis, Art Deco, Low Brow. An avid collector of twentieth-century memorabilia, he often recycles the objects of his various obsessions into pieces that articulate a hybrid viewpoint--unequal parts surrealism, pop culture, science fiction, and fine craft. The result is a type of "postmillenium folk art for the culturally saturated."

Though much of Melby's work revels in his perspective, he often harnesses that eccentricity to create site-specific artwork for environments that reflect, enliven, and harmonize the needs of others. Melby feels that this is often the greatest challenge--creating unique solutions by blending the sum of his experience and vision with the desires of the customer.

Metal Sconce

by Rick Melby
$ 650
Leaf Bowl
Art Glass Bowl

by Rick Melby
$ 800
Art Glass Sconce

by Rick Melby
$ 850
Rebus No. 2
Art Glass Sconce

by Rick Melby
$ 2,200
St. Sebastian's Night Light
Art Glass & Metal Sconce

by Rick Melby
$ 880