Robert Wilhelm

"My designs attempt to combine color, form, pattern, and texture in ways that produce new and unique results."

Robert Wilhelm strives to help people recognize the artistic value inherent in ordinary objects typically associated only with a functional purpose. By experimenting with form, pattern, and surface manipulation, he hopes to surprise viewers with a sophisticated yet playful approach to everyday objects such as bowls, vases, and peppermills.

Wilhelm's designs, either turned on a lathe or carved, provide visual excitement and invite us to touch. Inspired by organic shapes and textures found in nature, he makes use of dyes, paints, burning, or carving to add complexity to his designs.


Shake It Up Grinder & Shaker
Wood Pepper Mill & Salt Shaker

$ 130
Salad Servers
Wood Serving Utensil

$ 60
Black Combo Grinder & Shaker
Wood Pepper Mill & Salt Shaker

$ 130