Robin Krauss

"I try to create order out of randomness. I take photographs and collect images that may have no relationship to each other, yet when combined in a collage, create a collective beauty, order and symmetry."

Robin Krauss looks beyond the literal and combines pieces of nature, architecture, texture, and motif that have intrinsic similarities. He manipulates all of the pieces on the computer, emphasizing color, line, pattern, repetition, and symmetry to create a cohesive whole. His work is colorful and engaging, and works in a square format, emphasizing the architectural and geometric influences.

Formally trained at Cranbrook Academy of Art, with studies in art history, photography, architecture and furniture, Krauss brings elements of all these into his work. He is self-taught on the Macintosh, which is as much an inspiration as the resources he uses. Krauss responds most closely to the clean simplicity and quality of mid-century modern architecture and furniture, but combines fundamentals of this period with natural elements and decorative arts of other periods.