Sara Galkin

"Everything starts with simple and primitive forms. They slide, collide, interlace, and superimpose. The significance of art is having a choice without any attachments. Elementary and eternal forces are at the heart of my work, shifting and interacting in their temporality. It's a very tangible art, nourished by matter and color but also conceptual, transposing thought into form. "

Sara Galkin is interested in what is naturally juxtaposed with the unexpected and how to connect the missing pieces. We are all advocates of our own true natures. As humans, we are constantly fighting with our inner nature.

Galkin primarily works with oil paint on canvas and wood.

Galkin has a BFA from Washington University. After 20 years in advertising, she left to realize her purpose as a full-time visual artist and teacher. In 2016, she began teaching and exhibiting her abstract paintings. In 2018, she was hired to be the director of visual arts at Camp Ballibay in Pennsylvania, a visual and performing arts camp for adolescents and teens.