Sarah West

"When I began working with steel, I fell in love with the spontaneity of the brazing process. I think of my jewelry as three-dimensional drawings that I create at my bench using a torch and steel wire. I strive to combine my traditional jewelry experience with my art school training to create unique sculptures for the body."

Sarah West creates jewelry inspired by the magic of geometry and the architectural latticework of bridges and electric towers. Using the beauty and strength of steel, West creates three-dimensional forms that express the resilience of the human spirit. Like the power lines that intersect the horizon, West's pieces are architectural landscapes that interact with body and space.

Each piece is made from mild steel fabricated by cutting and brazing small lengths of steel wire to create three-dimensional jewelry. When brazing, she introduces molten brass into the connection points of the heated steel. The pieces are finished in natural steel gray, blackened with a heat patina, or plated with a 2.5-micron thick 18k gold plate.

Sarah West's formal studies began at North Bennet Street School in Boston, where she learned traditional art jewelry fabrication and repair. From there, she went on to earn a BFA magna cum laude from East Carolina University and had the honor of studying with Linda Darty, Bob Ebendorf, Mi-Sook Hur, Tim Lazure, and Ken Bova.

Foundation Strut Earrings
Steel Earrings

$ 80 - $ 130
Verge Necklace
Steel Necklace

$ 550
Strut Breastplate
Steel Necklace

$ 600
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Beyond Ornament, Greenhill Center, Greensboro, NC, 2018
CraftNY, Damrosch Park, NY, NY, 2018
Artisphere, Downtown Greenville, Greenville, SC, 2017-2018
CraftBoston, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA, 2016-2018
Bijoux!, Norton Museum, West Palm Beach, FL, 2016-2017