Scott Ernst

"For me, the beauty of working in a craft is that it demands the eye of an artist and the mind of an engineer. You design a piece of furniture that is well-proportioned, functional, and pleasing to the eye, and then you have to work your way backwards to discover how it needs to be built. It is a constant act of creating and solving puzzles."

With one foot in tradition and another in the present, Scott Ernst feels that he has created a successful design when it feels familiar and fresh at the same time. Like a jazz musician who is inspired by the work of the masters and yet still has his own voice, Ernst is constantly exploring new themes and directions, occasionally veering into the avant-garde.

Working mostly with traditional joinery in solid wood, Scott Ernst creates pieces that are subtly curved and sculpted. He believes that "contemporary" doesn't have to limit us to straight lines and boxy forms, nor does it need to drum us with its uniqueness. He understands that the hand of the craftsman can give a light touch, and he works toward the pursuit of subtle excellence.

After spending his teens as a self-employed bricklayer who pushed that craft to include brick marquetry, Ernst received a degree in Landscape Architecture from Rutgers University. He sees that degree as an ideal prelude to becoming a furniture maker. It taught him to draw, draft, and design, and to think in three dimensions without having a preconceived notion of how furniture should look.