Brynn Hurlstone

Second Generation Glassworks

"Light and air exist all around us, but only glass makes them come alive. My work celebrates the material of glass for that uniquely transformative capability, placing the interplay of light, color and air at the center of each design to create objects that interact with their surroundings in surprising and ever-changing ways."

Second Generation Glassworks features the designs of Brynn Hurlstone, the daughter of a glass artist and a painter. Raised in a house full of beautiful handmade objects, her love of art was nurtured from a young age. Brynn draws her inspiration from glass itself, exploring both the material and the processes of manipulation that transform light, color, and air into captivating objects.

Brynn approaches glassmaking like an exploration, with a clear end goal that illuminates the proper path only once the journey has begun. As a result, she uses numerous hand patterning and finishing techniques that have been developed solely for her designs. Brynn sculpts each creation from molten glass, later adding the finishing touches with polishing and multimedia sculpting processes.

Brynn graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in 3D Fine Arts and a passion for glassmaking and sculpture. She followed this love across the country to Seattle, where years working in renowned glass studios honed her technical skills and showed her the breadth of possibility that lives within the material. She now lives, works, teaches, and creates in San Francisco.

Resting Balloon
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 360
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Glass 3, Artomatic, Washington DC, 2008
Southern Conference on Cast Iron Art, Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham, Alabama, 2007
Jurors Choice, ArtLaunch, SOMArts, San Francisco, 2016
Permenant Collection, Dorothy Uber-Bryan Gallery, Bowling Green, OH, 2008