Shayne Greco

Shayne Greco Ceramics

"Whether my artwork is at a dining room table with a group of dinner guests or on a coffee table holding fresh fruit, it is designed to make a statement. My pieces are conversation starters as well as very functional objects! "

Greco has always appreciated the uniqueness of the coast, from the way the sun casts bright pastel colors to the unusual life that surrounds the beaches. Much of Greco's ceramic work reflects the distinctive attributes of the ocean.

Greco uses the time-honored tradition of the coil technique. Long ropes or "coils" of clay continuously going around build upon each other to create a vessel. The sculpted parts of the artwork are handmade free-form, then attached to the vessel.

Greco was educated at Savannah College of Art and Design in early 2000. Shayne Greco Ceramics was established in 2013 after many years of working independently as an artist.