Sondra Gerber

"I believe that strong design is simple and clean. For me, this is achieved by asking about a piece, "What more can I eliminate?" instead of "What more can I add?"

Gerber's sculptures have an intimate interaction between shape and shadow, depth and movement. The use of positive and negative shapes casts alluring shadows, while multiple layers create an intriguing illusion of depth.

Carefully planned patterns and textures are ground into the surface of the aluminum to reflect light, giving the appearance of movement. Selective color are added with the use of metal dyes.

After receiving a degree in design from Colorado Art Institute in 1994, Gerber took a series of courses in metals and welding. She considers herself to be a perpetual student of metalworking.

Metal Ornament

$ 42
Away in a Manger
Art Glass Ornament

$ 42