Steve Gardner

Steven Gardner

"Behind all of my imagery is a legend or myth which I create along with the work: both the story and the sculpture develop together."

Steve Gardner uses both ancient and contemporary stylizations in his sculptures and urns to tell his stories. Often both epic and ordinary, his work joins elements that are seemingly incongruous: pictorial illusion with three-dimensional space, loose gesture with controlled detail.

Hand-carved from terra cotta slabs stomped out on his studio floor, Gardner's sculptures are colored with ceramic slips. After drying and bisque firing, subsequent layers of glaze are applied and fired to fuse together for a rich finish.

Bird in Thorns
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

by Steve Gardner
$ 1,200
$ 1,020
Fig. 4c: The Dream
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

by Steve Gardner
$ 1,000
$ 850
Ceramic Sculpture

by Steve Gardner
$ 900
$ 765
Fig 3a
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

by Steve Gardner
$ 435
$ 369.75