Sun Smith-Foret

"As an artist and practicing psychotherapist, I examine relationships on lived and symbolic levels: seeing, feeling, finding, making. Cinema reflects aspects of the shared unconscious, allows us to build collective memory, and exposes us to experiences we might otherwise avoid. Film is an art form of vast emotional landscapes and ever-vanishing horizons guaranteeing the life of the quest, the exploration."

Sun makes art about the movies, films, cinema. Trained as a painter and printmaker, she focuses her design and color theory strengths on constructing domestic and museum-scale textiles. The subject matter is both abstract and concrete, as all pieces are lettered with text references to specifics from the filmic world. She maintains studios at the Jacoby Art Center in Alton, IL and at her home in Elsah, IL.

Sun Smith-Foret constructs textiles by hand or machine sewing cloth in strips using an African American improvisational quilting technique. She begins with the architectural building of shapes, then layers the pieced textile over batting and cloth backing. Sections are hand and machine joined, quilted, appliqued, embroidered, painted, hand stenciled, and embellished with beads or found objects.

Sun Smith-Foret holds three degrees from Washington University in St. Louis, MO: a BA in art history (1982), an MFA in printmaking and painting (1986), and an MSW in clinical social work (1992). She has trained with Leslie Lasky, professor of design at Washington University. From 1988 to 1992, Smith-Foret taught design, composition, and color theory at Washington University. She is self-taught in textile techniques. Sun currently teaches privately.

Brokeback 2
Fiber Wall Hanging

by Sun Smith-Foret
$ 3,200
Brokeback 1
Fiber Wall Hanging

by Sun Smith-Foret
$ 7,000
Wall Street
Fiber Wall Hanging

by Sun Smith-Foret
$ 2,400
4 Odd Birds
Fiber Wall Hanging

by Sun Smith-Foret
$ 3,800
Val Kilmer
Fiber Wall Hanging

by Sun Smith-Foret
$ 2,100
Almost Famous
Fiber Wall Hanging

by Sun Smith-Foret
$ 12,200
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Inspiration/Interpretation Sun Smith Foret, Kansas City, Mo, Belger Art Center, 2008
Sun Smith-Foret Silverscreen Quilts, St.Louis, Mo., Duane Reed Gallery, 2009
Sun Smith-Foret Final Cut, St.Louis Mo., St.Louis University Museum of Art, 2011
Cinematic Subjects The Art of Sun Smith-Foret and Jamie Adams, Mt.Vernon, Il., Mitchell Museum Cedarhurst Art Center, 2012
Sun Smith-Foret , Belleville, Il., Schmidt Gallery SWICC, 2013
Installation, City of Jefferson City, Jefferson City, Mo., 1988
Installation, Jewish Hospital Dr.'s Dining Room, St.Louis, Mo., 1987
Dance Theater Benefit Quilt, Sets/Costumes, Gash Voight Dance Company, St. Louis, Mo., 1997 and 1998