Susan Goldstick

Susan Goldstick, Inc.

"Even after 18 years I always love the way people smile when they see our products. In an age where the marketplace is flooded with choices, it is assuring to know that beautiful design has timeless appeal and that appreciation for quality workmanship and originality will always be in style."

Merchandising a home decor product with a unique style is a challenge. To Susan Goldstick, a winning design is not just about function and beauty. It should be fashionable too. When developing a quality product, being fresh while staying true to her look is the goal and the impetus that drives her creativity. All Susan Goldstick designs show her passion for color and reflect her background in jewelry making and painting. Her signature jewel tone color palette and bejeweled details are the focus of every creation that leaves her workshop.

Characterized by shimmering paint finishes and bejeweled accents, Susan Goldstick's style is undeniably distinct. From a cabinet knob to a table lamp, each creation is meticulously executed from a variety of materials. Painted wood, plated metals, glass beads, hand-sculpted resins and swarovski crystals are all part of the mix.

A graduate from University of Michigan school of Architecture and Design , Susan was an art teacher, travel consultant and marketer for a major Wall Street firm, before she started her business as a jewelry designer. But it was a pivotal move from New York to San Francisco in 1991 that began the career she knows today. At that time she aptly coined the term "house jewelry" when she turned her brooches into cabinet knobs and established her name in the home fashion industry.