Jeff & Heather Thompson

Thompson Studio

"We are inspired to create glass sculptures in a broad range of styles. The desire to create moves us into new realms every day. Working side by side and having the connection between us is a driving force in the studio."

Husband-and-wife glassblowing team Jeff and Heather Thompson have been creating glass sculpture together for over 18 years. Now joined by their son Dale, the potential for grand projects continues to expand. Their sculptures are realistic, highlighted by a dynamic and fun color palette. Inspired by nature, their sea life sculptures revel in the beauty of the hidden aquatic world.

The Thompson's artworks are a blend of contemporary, traditional, and custom techniques that are further complemented by a diverse taste in modern sculpture. Their style is based in the traditional Italian method of glassblowing, and they now find themselves experimenting with their own interpretations of this medium.

Having personally built their modern glassblowing furnaces in 2001, the Thompsons have been creating sculptures for collectors and art galleries ever since. Jeff has studied at Pilchuck Glass School, and as the years go by, both artists continue to develop and perfect their mastery of the medium.

Art Glass Sculpture

$ 4,200