Todd Leback

"I build clean, contemporary furniture with an emphasis on practicality. I avoid using stains and paint and let the natural beauty of the wood speak for itself."

In his work Todd strives to achieve functionality without sacrificing the inherent beauty of the material. Clean, simple lines embody his work, drawing the eye towards the character of the wood without distraction.

Todd uses a mixture of solid woods and veneers in his work. Much of his current work utilizes the torsion box, a semi hollow grid that can then be skinned and veneered. The torsion box is an extremely rigid, stable, and lightweight method of construction, airplane wings are built using this method.

After one year at the College of William and Mary Todd decided that the student life was not for him and went ot work construction. Much of his background is based in remodeling and cabinetry, although in '99-'00 he attended a six month course in Tradional Wooden Boatbuilding at the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding. He is self taught in the art of furniture making.

Stepped Console
Wood Console Table

$ 2,345 - $ 2,405
Hollow Table
Wood Console Table

$ 2,195