Todd Starks

"Once something is sketched, it belongs to me, and I lovingly arrange it on my painting surface where it is reborn."

Todd Starks creates paintings about emotional space, shape, color, and pattern. With a painterly style, Starks carefully builds up impasto layers, using wet-on-wet oil paint techniques and allowing shards of underpainting to show through. Formally, the pieces are about composition, color harmonies, shape, and texture, yet each piece reveals a sensory connection to the landscape around him, and a dynamic interplay between conscious and subconscious thought.

Todd Starks's paintings have been exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in galleries, museums, and institutions across the United States.


Desert No. 1 (Fruity!)
Oil Painting & Giclee Print

$ 150 - $ 1,300
Desert No. 2 (Blue Crawlers)
Oil Painting & Giclee Print

$ 250 - $ 2,450
Desert No. 4
Oil Painting & Giclee Print

$ 260 - $ 360