Tom Bluemlein

"I follow what I call 'the golden rule' of painting. I only paint what interests me. This is being in nature."

Painter Tom Bluemlein celebrates nature, hoping to capture not only the beauty but also the life force of the creation. While painting on location, the artist attempts to capture the spirit of the locale as well as the natural elements of the view in front of him.

Using a tactile technique of painting, Bluemlein applies paint to the canvas as if each brush stroke was a piece of fabric placed by the hand of a quilt-maker. Once the pieces of paint are assembled, the artist stitches them together, rubbing to blur the edges of one color to another. His palette highlights earthy hues, with bold colors creating a homogeneous presentation of sky, water, and land.

Tom Bluemlein is a graduate of Central Academy of Commercial Art. He is a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America, a Member of the Indiana Plein Air Painters, has judged many shows, and is the President of the Cincinnati Art Club.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Oil Painters of America, Missoula , Montana, Dana Gallery , 2007
ViewPoint, Cincinnati, Oh, Cincinnati Art Club, 2008