True Gold Honey

"Our business is beekeeping, our craft is making honey, but our true love is family. True Gold Honey is our way to spread some of that authentic goodness."

True Gold is owned by mother-son duo Sarah and Tyler Sample, third and fourth-generation beekeepers. Their products reflect the immense care they take with their bees and people, and it’s the primary reason the family business has flourished for four generations.

Integrity, compassion, and hard work are the cornerstones of True Gold Honey. They constantly monitor their hives, ensuring they are healthy, strong, and safe, so the bees can focus on the vital work of pollinating and making honey. Then they harvest the honey by hand to keep it as raw and pure as possible, using sustainable practices to reduce waste and keep their impact on the earth to a minimum. All so you can enjoy honey bursting with local flavor. Honey that has all of its natural benefits intact and that makes you feel good about what you’re eating. Opening a jar of True Gold Honey is like opening a jar of liquid sunshine. Golden, silky smooth, naturally sweet, and 100% pure.

Much like their bees take care of each other, True Gold Honey wants to ensure every member of their human hive thrives. That’s why they donate 1% of sales to families impacted by disability.