Lisa Zerkowitz and Boyd Sugiki

Two Tone Studios

"Our designs blend clean, simple lines with a fresh color palette in beautiful handmade objects that people can live with each day and enjoy fully."

Working together as a husband and wife team, Lisa Zerkowitz and Boyd Sugiki create contemporary blown glass objects with a nod to the past and a hint of mid-century inspiration. The artists collaborate every step of the way, both bringing their unique sensibilities to the work they create.

Zerkowitz and Sugiki's process begins with sketches and evolves into more detailed drawings. They take the drawings into the glassblowing studio, where they first make prototypes in clear glass. After they have committed to a form, they experiment with various color applications until they find the perfect marriage of color and form.

Sugiki and Zerkowitz met as graduate students at the Rhode Island School of Design, where Sugiki earned an MFA in glass and Zerkowitz an MA in art education. In school, they furthered their craft and learned the importance of scrutinizing artistic decisions. After finishing their graduate studies, they moved to Seattle, where they worked for a variety of independent glass artists.