Tyler Kimball

"Glass is fun, light, and bright. I try to reflect that in the work I make with the material. There's no reason to try to hide the natural beauty that exists within glass."

Tyler Kimball uses light, shape, and design to enhance the natural beauty held within the material of glass. His work is playful and bright as well as meaningful and captivating. His aim is to make the viewer feel the same care for each piece that he put into making it.

Kimball uses traditional glassblowing techniques and contemporary designs to create his unique pieces.

Kimball spent ten years working for various studios and artists in Seattle. He has participated in dozens of artist residencies and visiting artist stints internationally. He has also attended and taught at multiple educational facilities and colleges in the USA.

Bedside Bottle
Art Glass Decanter

$ 170
Pulse 7-Inch Pendant
Art Glass Pendant Lamp

$ 600
Beach House Pendant
Art Glass Pendant Lamp

$ 550 - $ 1,050
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Featured Artist Residency, Tacoma, Washington, USA, Museum of Glass, 2014
Jon and Mary Shirley Grant, Seatte, Washington, USA, Pratt Fine Arts Center, 2010
American Craft Today, Highlands, North Carolina, USA, The Bascom Center, 2015
New Work From the Furnace, London, England, Contemporary Glass Society, 2013
Excellence in Sports, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, National Art Museum of Sport, 2012
The best of the Northwest, Everett, Washington, USA, Schack Art Center, 2011
Kemper Art Collection, Kemper Home, Kansas City, Missouri, 2013
Salem State Permanent Collection, Salem State University, Salem, Massachusets, USA, 2013
State of Montana's Permanent Collection, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana, USA, 2012
Columbus College of Art and Design's Permanent Collection, Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, Ohio, USA, 2014