Virginia Stevens

"Art is integral to life. The two cannot be separated. Wearing beautiful objects is a simple way to bring art into your life and to connect with it in a very direct and personal way."

Virginia Stevens enjoys working with metals and stones to bring out their inherently unique and striking qualities. Nature provides beautiful raw materials, and Stevens feels the artist's drive to translate those raw materials into her vision of wearable works of art. Her pieces are designed to enhance the everyday aesthetic of life.

Stevens is inspired by modern forms as well as forms from antiquity. She sculpts or builds a model using wax, clay, or metal. These models are then cast into sterling or gold and combined with stones, beads, or pearls. Each piece offers a unique play of shape, space, movement, or color to produce a distinctive work of wearable art.

Geometrics in Motion Leafed Bracelet
Gold, Silver & Copper Bracelet

by Virginia Stevens
$ 180
Pearls in Motion II
Silver & Pearl Pendant

by Virginia Stevens
$ 158
Pearls in Motion Necklace
Silver & Pearl Necklace

by Virginia Stevens
$ 369