W. Mitch Yung

"Simple line drawings, sensuous rounded forms and sexy, funky glazes come together in the objects I am currently exploring."

Mitch Yung's body of work explores the interplay of texture, form and color in clay. He strives to overcome the flat, dull characteristics of electric firing, enlivening his pieces with tactile surfaces more often associated with atmospheric firing. He hopes his finished objects will find homes with collectors who appreciate the unusual and distinctive.

Yung's vases and bowls begin on the wheel and are often altered by hand or embellished with handbuilt elements. His slab-built wall pieces bear sgraffito drawings inspired by the Old Masters.

Cycladic Head Sculpture Trio
Ceramic Sculpture

by W. Mitch Yung
$ 125 - $ 600
2 1/2 lbs. of Shingle Nails
Ceramic, Wood & Metal Wall Sculpture

by W. Mitch Yung
$ 3,875