Bernstein Glass

William and Katherine Bernstein

"Our work pays tribute to glass' rich, historic association with the vessel. I am drawn to the material of glass for the sensuous softness of hot glass, its speed and grace, and to the sheer joy of glassworking."


The imagery in Bernsteins' pieces uses a process known as hot cane drawing. The artist uses thin, colored glass rods known as cane, to apply the design to the molten glass. An assistant follows the artist with a high-temperature torch, fusing the rod into the glass much like a welder. When the drawing is complete, it is worked into the body of the glass and eventually expanded during the blowing process much like the printing on a child's balloon. Each piece is blown freeform without the use of molds or patterns, and incorporates their distinctive style and use of color.

Katherine and William Bernstein have been at the forefront of the modern art glass movement for more than thirty years. They began their careers in the late 1960s at the Philadelphia College of Art and have been making original glass pieces ever since.

Red Leaf Vases
Art Glass Vases

by Bernstein Glass
$ 350 - $ 400
$ 297.50 - $ 340
Art Glass Sculpture

by Bernstein Glass
$ 14,500
$ 12,325
Art Glass Sculpture

by Bernstein Glass
$ 3,800
$ 3,230
Heart Mice
Art Glass Sculpture

by Bernstein Glass
$ 140
$ 119
Blown Glass Chickens
Art Glass Sculpture

by Bernstein Glass
$ 350
$ 297.50
Glass Mice
Art Glass Sculpture

by Bernstein Glass
$ 110
$ 93.50
Clear Footed Dessert Cups
Art Glass Dessert Cups

by Bernstein Glass
$ 120
$ 102