Yiu-Keung Lee

"My works are assemblages of moments of my life using plumeria and other symbolic objects as building blocks."

Yiu-Keung Lee uses the seemingly fragile medium of Porcelain and the subject of playthings as a springboard to carry a sense of his vulnerability as an artist and his fascination of being a father of three daughters. Lee's work is both serious and playful at the same time.

With each piece, the artist creates a conglomerate of wheel-thrown forms, extruded and hand-built porcelain pieces. These are meant to mimic the toys and playthings his daughters scatter on the floor with the signature plumeria blossoms as a bridge to connect all these building blocks within his sculptures.

Yiu-Keung Lee started as an apprentice for a ceramicist in Hong Kong. Since moving to the United States two decades ago, Lee has earned his MFA at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor (in 1995) and taught in various Universities and Colleges in the United States. He has exhibited and given workshops, lectures and demonstrations both nationally and internationally.