Muhammad Moussa


"My designs are the result of a romantic pursuit of the beauty of light and its transformative qualities. My intent is to give everyday objects a life and a presence beyond their functional existence."

Muhammad Moussa's training as an architect is evident in all of his work. The architectural influence reveals itself, not only in the forms, geometries, and detailing, but also in the way the pieces cast and interact with light. Moussa's pieces equally celebrate the void as much as the object, as each piece animates and inhabits space.

The furniture, luminaries, and accessories are made of ceramics, wood, glass and cast bronze. By resisting the perforation of the solid surface, Moussa developed his signature ceramic technique. Using clay coil, he at once created the solids and the openings in a seamless pattern.

In addition to earning a master's degree in architecture from Carleton University in Ontario, Canada, Moussa studied ceramics with noted ceramist Jim Thomson and at the Ottawa School of Art. The artist currently lives and works in Orlando, Florida

Leaf Bowl
Ceramic Bowl

by Muhammad Moussa
$ 500
Textured Planes
Ceramic Sculpture

by Muhammad Moussa
$ 350
Curls Candle
Ceramic Candleholder

by Muhammad Moussa
$ 350
Elio I End Table
Wood & Ceramic End Table

by Muhammad Moussa
$ 900 - $ 980
Elio II End Table
Ceramic Side Table

by Muhammad Moussa
$ 880 - $ 980
Curls Plate
Ceramic Platter

by Muhammad Moussa
$ 360
Table Luminaire
Ceramic Table Lamp

by Muhammad Moussa
$ 920
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
People's Choice Award, Candela light art show, Ottawa, Ontario, CUBE Gallery, 2006
Top Ten Style Standouts , Toronto, Ontario, IDS, 2007
On The Table, (travelling exhibition), Toronto, Ontario, Gardiner Museum , 2007
Award of Execllence for Best New Product, Montreal, Quebec, SIDIM 07, 2007