Carol Gilbert

villa & terrace

"I love what I do."

Carol made her first textile piece as a child. It was simply formed using a square loom and cotton string. She was drawn to imperfection of the shape and texture, how it gave the piece such character. She learned beauty was not perfect. The spirit with which she approached her first piece is still embedded in her work as she creates functional designs using simple forms and subtle textures.

Carol's textures are all freeform in design and shape, no patterns are used. She follows the natural movement of the linen,allowing each piece to have its own character. Colors are created in small hand-dyed batches using her custom formulas of low impact fiber reactive dyes which provide beautiful saturation. Each batch of color has its own special nuance and depth.

Carol fell in love with the exploration of dimensional textiles while taking a dyeing and fabric manipulation workshop at California College of the Arts in Oakland CA. She took those techniques and combined them with her studies in both Technical Fashion Design and Custom Dressmaking to further explore texture and color in a variety of formats.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Fault Lines, San Francisco, Rare Device, 2010
Best of the City , San Francisco, 7x7 Magazine, 2011
American Craft Council, Maryland, Baltimore, 2016