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Custom Made Art Center

Welcome to the Custom Made Art Center!

 Whether you’re looking to modify artwork already available at Artful Home, commission an entirely original work of art, or find some inspiration by viewing previously commissioned pieces, everything you need is right here.
Customize Artwork

"Transparent Miniature Form Study" by Nicholas Kekic
See something on Artfulhome.com that you’d like to have made bigger, smaller, in a different color, or a slightly different shape?
Our Artwork Specialists can coordinate such modifications on almost any item on the site.

Call 877-223-4600 or email our Artwork Specialists at info@artfulhome.com for more information.

Commissin Artwork

Custom dining chair by Craig Nutt
Have an idea or need for a custom piece of artwork? Commissioning custom work is a simple process.

1. Complete our simple online form with a description of your idea and project requirements. Or if you prefer, call our Artwork Specialists at 877-223-4600 and we will help you explore your project ideas over the phone.

2. We will review your project with you and then send your request to all suitable artists.

3. Interested artists will submit their ideas free of charge — you are under no obligation until you select an artist’s proposal and approve the project.

Find Inspiration

See examples of modified and custom artwork completed by Artful Home artists.

Find a work of art or style that interests you, then have a piece custom made to be larger, smaller, a different color - whatever you wish. Browse these popular categories for customization:

Find inspiration closer to home by browsing local artists in our Art Across America section. Once you find an artist or work of art that inspires you, commission a new piece through Artful Home.

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