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Square Dance

Acrylic Painting

Created by Cassandra Tondro
This piece from Tondro's "Rubber Sole" series was created using Nike brand shoes. Many people walk the Earth in shoes with rubber soles, and each brand of shoe has a unique tread design. The artist uses these treads to create paintings that vibrate with color and pattern. The artist searches for shoes with interesting soles at local thrift stores. After deciding on her design, she puts the shoes on, steps in paint, and walks on the canvas to create the piece.

The painting is built up in layers using many colors, some of them transparent and others more opaque. The end result is art that speaks to the different journeys of our lives. Sustainability is an important part of her artistic practice, and this painting was created using repurposed leftover house paint that would otherwise go to waste.

Repurposed acrylic latex paint on gallery-wrapped canvas with painted sides. Signed by the artist on the back. Wired and ready to hang.

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