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Still Life No.24

Acrylic Painting

Created by Chris Wheeler
Wheeler's art is a combination of drawing, painting, and sculpting. The imagery comes from long-standing commitments to modernist conventions. The simplistic forms are an attempt to tap into the memories and ideas we all share. He has found his minimalist designs appeal to people on a primitive level.

Handmade paper made of cotton, mulberry, and straw is stretched on large 4x8 boards. Medium body acrylics are used to texture the surface. Each shape is then cut freehand giving the piece's crisp edges as well as organic character. Wheat paste that is shipped from Japan in a powder form, is boiled down with water and then pushed through a horse hair strainer to remove all fine lumps. The glue is then applied with a wide brush to the back of each piece and placed on the artwork making sure that all excess glue and bubbles are removed between each application. This technique is only known by a handful of artisans in the United States and traditionally used to restore antique shoji screens and scrolls.

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