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Art Glass & Bamboo Sculpture

Created by Charissa Brock
"Allegro" comprises of three swooping elements that hang together. Each element measures 4'L. The piece can be hung from the ceiling as a room divider with monofilament, or it can be hung a few inches from the wall to create dramatic shadows. Lighting from the back will make the colors really shine. Pieces can be hung in any arrangement.

This sweeping and colorful piece is made out of black bamboo gathered in Oregon, waxed linen thread, and fused glass. The black bamboo canes were heated to create the curves, and the long, thin pieces were split and prepared using traditional Japanese bamboo techniques to create beautifully regular elements. Detailed black stitching holds the glass to the piece. Two different glass fusing processes were used to create the blue glass orbs and the red glass feathers.

This is an indoor work that will brighten and lighten a space. The only assembly required is to install hooks in the ceiling and attach monofilament from the piece to the hooks. Dimensions refer to arrangement hung as shown.

This piece will need to be dusted every once in a while. The artist recommends dipping them in water and drying them with a soft cloth. The blue glass elements can be polished with a cloth or a light feather duster. This work can hang in the window, but like fiber works, the bamboo will eventually fade in color.

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