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Art Glass & Bamboo Sculpture

Created by Charissa Brock
"Featherback" is made from split and stacked bamboo, bamboo laminate, and bamboo split and prepared in the traditional way. Glass accents the piece. The idea for the piece started while the artist was making a piece called "Homage to the Four Directions." When she makes the framework for her pieces out of black split bamboo and bamboo laminate, she always ends up with a little she has to cut off. The scraps had a nice curve to them, and while playing around with the scrap she discovered the shape for the framework shape for "Featherback."

The inspiration for this piece comes from a variety of places, as with all of the artist's work. She pays close attention of the shape of things and the commonality between the shapes. In this piece the shape of a fish emerged, then when turned upright, took on a figurative stance. Lastly, the row of glass feathers included in this piece are like a costume that the figure is wearing. The final work appears to look like a feather dancer.

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