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Mille Oculus

Art Glass & Bamboo Sculpture

Created by Charissa Brock
'Mille Oculus' uses glasses optic quality to create a beautiful effect, where the small optical lenses on the back of the piece are reflected in the front of the piece. This piece Draws inspiration from totemic figures. Mille Oculus is constructed out of fused glass, and split, riveted, and stacked bamboo, surrounded by a heat bend and hand laminated frame. Wings are created from split bamboo and glass, carefully stitched together with waxed linen thread. The stand is made from sculpted bamboo laminate, the same material bamboo floors are made of. The stand is permanent and not removable.Sculpture should not be displayed in ongoing bright direct sunlight. Like all fiber materials, the sun can fade the color. Piece can be cleaned using canned air or a clean feather duster. Glass can be wiped with a soft rag dampened with rubbing alcohol.