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Carnival Style Buckle and Belt

Art Glass Belt Buckle

Designed by Helen Rudy
The belt buckle is made from fused glass pattern bars.

Rudy initially makes a thick slab of glass that has many layers of colors. After the glass is melted and cooled it is sliced it in 3/8in thick strips. The strips on the inside show an internal pattern that now becomes the front piece of glass. The strips are cut to size and then fired to create the final pattern. The edges are coldworked smooth. A buckle backing plate is adhered to the back of the glass. Each buckle is handmade.

This black belt strap is 100pc leather and features a snap system for an easy change of belt buckle. Strap is 1 1/2in wide. Pull up Oil Tanned Cowhide, One piece leather, never split in half. The belt strap has 7 holes to accommodate waist sizes.

Available in size 36 only.

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