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Hint of Coral and Vanilla Bowl

Art Glass Bowl

Created by Karen Wallace
Rose-like hand-pulled murrini encased in creamy vanilla brings a soft, organic element to this graphic bowl. The translucent stripes between the four geometric fans are suffused with the faintest coral orange-pink tint, subtly connecting all of the elements.

The murrini elements at are individually cut from hand-pulled glass cane in a modern-day adaptation of the 16th-century techniques of the Murano glassmakers. They are then melted together into a contiguous whole, which is cooled and then shaped on a lapidary wheel to make the neat square around which the bowl is built. The creamy zebra-esque stripes are kiln crafted in sheets before being sawn and ground into precise rectangles.

The final, finished work of art is sandblasted for a matte, fingerprint-resistant finish.

Food safe, hand wash only.