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Medium Pineapple Glass

Art Glass Drinkware

Created by Andrew Iannazzi
In history, the ability of a hostess to adorn her dining room table with a pineapple for an important event said as much about her rank in society as it did about her ingenuity. Its rarity, expense, and striking beauty made it the pinnacle of exotic fruit. Today, pineapples are seen as the ultimate welcoming motif, symbolizing friendship and hospitality.

This pineapple-inspired handcrafted glass scorpion bowl is hand-blown by Andrew Iannazzi in his studio in Massachusetts studio. Fits approximately 32 fl.oz. and is dishwasher tested, but recommended hand wash only. Please avoid boiling liquids or extreme temperature changes. There may be slight variations in weight and detail due to the handcrafted nature of this glass.

Each glass measures 6"H, 5"dia.

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