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Turquoise and French Vanilla Murrini Platter

Art Glass Platter

Created by Joseph Enszo
Taking his inspiration from macro and microscopic designs, the artist utilizes traditional Italian techniques, redesigned to emphasize the natural properties of glass under various physical forces. Enszo's aesthetic is a unique intersection of 3 components: Italian decorativeness, Eastern simplicity, and a reference to natural science.

The process begins with thousands of individual handmade murrini, which are laid out and fused into flat slabs, which in turn are cut square on a water-cooled diamond saw, ground and smoothed with a wet belt sander, and sometimes sandblasted. Finally the piece goes back to the kiln for slumping, fire-polishing, and annealing.

Food safe. Hand wash. Each piece is unique. Exact coloration and patterning will vary from piece to piece.

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