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A Leaf-Blues

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by Susan Bloch
Working in glass lends itself to capturing the beauty and impermanence of life. Images cradled in glass, there and not there; become activated by light. The artist is inspired by her favorite plant leaf, Angel-Leaf begonia. Its shape and markings intrigue Bloch and become reincarnated in her work. A dear friend gave Bloch a cutting long ago. She has re-potted and gifted it since and continues to explore its attraction. To make this piece the artist cut a three eighths inch square of glass into a triangle. Then began sand-carving the form of the leaf. She cut out the upper part of the leaf to define it and continued carving deeper into the glass for emphasis. Using a micro-graver and fine diamond bits she engraved marks and refined areas. Bloch hand sanded the edges of the glass. Then sift powdered, colored enamels and heat in the kiln. Repeating this process brings out the sheen and intensity of the glass and color. Dimensions below include stand. The art glass alone is 12" H, 8.5" W, 0.38" D. The custom walnut stand has a satin finish and a nickel clip. The clip is adjustable and screws to open and close or adjust. It comes with a screw cover.