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Amber Glow Foglio

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by David Patchen
Crisp details and vibrant colors are hallmarks of Patchen's work - the result of his technical and creative mastery.

This spectacular blown glass vessel from the artist's "Foglio" series is created using the challenging murrini technique. Patchen uses both hot and cold glassworking processes to create hundreds of glass tiles, composes them into a mosaic, then fuses them together and begins the blowing process.

This unique piece features murrini created with hundreds of patterned windows with an amber center surrounded by three-dimensional royal purple and crimson threads of glass. These murrine patterns are outlined in an amorphous cellular matrix of crisp white glass. Besides being one-of-a-kind, this sculptural vessel has the very unusual attribute of the white outlines gently glowing light green in the dark (see image). It has a sleek, flattened profile and is double-encased in clear glass for depth, optics, and stability.

All of Patchen's pieces are stable with gently flared, satin-finished bottoms. For extra security, Museum Wax or Gel provides a very firm hold.

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