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Autumn Stone Trio

Art Glass Sculpture

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This coloration of this grouping of three blown glass stones was inspired by the effect of fallen autumn leaves on forest stones. The arrangement is reminiscent of those found in Japanese Zen Gardens where stones are deliberately grouped and placed as symbols of nature to promote tranquility and meditation. Each stone represents a different natural element based on its shape and orientation. The tallest stone in this grouping represents wood, the smaller vertical stone represents fire, and more flat stone in the foreground represents water. The beautiful translucent colors will show at their best with lots of ambient light or directional back lighting. You can recreate this arrangement in your home or shift the individual glass stones to create the feeling of your own zen garden. Dimensions below refer to set when arranged as shown.

Individual Dimensions:
Left: 6"H, 4"W, 3"D
Center: 9.5"H, 6"W, 4"D
Right: 3"H, 5"W, 4"D