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Blue Horizon

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by Helen Rudy
Blue Horizon is created from narrow strips of hand cut glass. The glass is sorted into graded hues of blues and is then assemble like dominoes on their edge. To add complexity to the design a diagonal sequence of contrasting sunny yellow is interjected into the design.

The glass is fired to a sintered textured where the glass gets sticky enough to adhere each strip together. The firing creates a defined textural appearance to the glass surface that begs to be touched. The texture also catches and refracts light making it very appealing to view. The glass is then slumped on a custom stainless mold to the simple gentle curve.

The base is made from a solid piece of Birch that has been sanded smooth and stained in a beautiful complementary blue tone. The base has a hand cut channel made to fit the curve so the glass simply drops into the channel and is held firmly in place. Exact patterning, gradations, and color tones may vary slightly. Signed by the artist. Limited edition of 25.

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