Artful Home

Coral Reef Garden Portal

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by Caryn Brown
Home gardens are being designed with tranquility and serenity in mind. These all-season garden portals compliment the beauty of your garden and provide a place for the eye to rest. Their circular form with a center portal encourages you to take advantage of a moment for the mind to be free, to imagine, to rest, to be at peace.

The artist has reinterpreted the traditional mosaic in a method she calls "Melted Mosaics." Glass pieces are arranged in a circular form or portal. The glass portal is then heated in a kiln until all the pieces of glass melt together. Once the glass is cooled and annealed, it is taken to the metal studio where a custom, stainless steel stand is fabricated. The stand with the glass portal can be placed directly into garden soil or into a planter on the patio.

Each piece is hand made and some variation in color occurs.

This garden sculpture can be left out year round in temperatures between -20 to 150 degrees F. Take care that it is not in the path of shoveled or blown snow in winter climates, however. Wipe with a damp cloth.

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