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Cranberry-Headed Bunting on Candy-Striped Rock

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by David Jacobson
This bird is solid and is hand-formed by heating and stretching specific parts of the glass until the artist gets the desired gesture. The colors start out as two solid sections of colored glass that are fused together. They are then encased in clear glass for the shiny surface. For the glass rock, Jacobson starts out by making all of the glass canes, which are the rods of colored glass. He selects the colored glass he wants to use, in this case, the pink and green, and with the help of his assistant, stretch long strands of the colored glass across the studio. Most strands (called canes) are up to 20 feet long. Once cooled, he cuts the cane into the lengths that he needs to make the rock. He then hand lays each individual cane onto a kiln shelf. After starting a bubble of clear glass, he rolls the clear into a bowl of white chunks of glass, called frit. Shape the glass into a cylinder, pick up the canes off the kiln shelf, and proceed to blow and shape the rock into the desired shape. After both objects have cooled, he sandblasts the rock for a matted finish. The artist then chemically adheres the bird to the rock to achieve the desired affect. Jacobson likes having the bird to appear to have just landed, or about to take off, which adds visual movement.

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