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Curvy Pheasant

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by Martin Ehrensvard
Birds will always stir our imagination; they don't seem to be bound by the same laws of nature that we are. The ability to fly inspires dreams of limitless freedom. They express pure unconditional joy by singing in all weathers. Their coats celebrate a range of vibrant colors. For these birds, Ehrensvard creates a unique type of marble-like glass called chalcedony. The color comes from adding silver and a half dozen oxides into a melting furnace together with clear glass. To display the shifting colored layers, he lets the body of the bird cool down to room temperature after he has sculpted it. He grinds patterns into the surface using a saw and a diamond-covered lapidary wheel. Finally, he heats the bird again to polish the surface and also to add the beak and crest. Ehrensvard has been working on his bird series since 2018. His work continually evolves as he keeps pushing the scale, complexity, and color of the material.

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