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Art Glass Sculpture

Created by Bernstein Glass
This one-of-a-kind sculpture was created by Katherine Bernstein in collaboration with Alex Bernstein. The sculpture is cast and carved, with color added through oxidation.

Katherine Bernstein's tribute to Harvey K. Littleton, as told by William Bernstein:

''When Harvey and Bess moved to our area in the mid-seventies, they really opened their doors to the nascent local glass community. My wife, Katherine, was working in ceramic sculpture at the time, and one day, Harvey came to the studio, admired one of her sculptures, and said, "Katie, you are going to become a glass artist!''

''He took the piece home and reappeared a few weeks later with a beautifully finished glass casting of her original piece. In the following weeks, Katherine cast a few more pieces at Harvey's studio and, equipped with a free stack of Harvey's glass ingots, we soon started doing casting full time at our own studio.''

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